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Tesla Investigating Bug Discovered by Model S Performance Owners

A bug in Tesla’s software is being addressed by the company after TMC members found they were unable to engage Launch Mode and Max Battery Power features on their vehicles. Tesla inadvertently removed the features from some Model S vehicles after a UI update. The company said it is working on a fix and apologized…

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Transformers JAZZ vs DRIFT origin - RID - robots in disguise-adventure autobot
K-ON Tsumugi Kotobuki 5th 5to. aniversario 1 8 Pvc Figura Stronger

Tesla Releases New Software Updates, Includes Immediate Forced Update

New over-the-air update concerns Sentry Mode, Driving Visualization, Software Update Preference and Conditional Speed Limits Tesla is just starting another over-the-air update (2019.16) with several additional improvements, which makes the car even better. According to Electrek, more and more popular and effective Sentry Mode will be easier to manage and the owner will be able…

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This post is for those who are learning about EVs, and those wondering how an EV will fit into their lives. This post was written when we’d had our Model 3 for seven months and the odometer was at 11,000 miles. Most of our mileage comes from the daily work commute, but we’ve also taken a few…

Tohou Project Marisa Kirisame [1 8 scale PVC] by Griffon Enterpri
ONE PIECE - Variable Action Heroes - Rob Lucci Figurine Megahouse
SpaceX successfully launched early Saturday a Falcon 9 rocket carrying its Dragon space capsule loaded with 5,500 pounds of supplies for the International Space Station. The rocket's first stage also successfully returned to Earth, landing on a SpaceX ship parked in the Atlantic Ocean. It was SpaceX's 39th successful booster landing. The rocket left Cape...
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Transformers RESCUE PATROL micromaster MOSC taiwan MINI-BOT
Zero no Tsukaima Louise in Neglige 1 6 Scale PVC Figure by Kotobukiya

Tesla has introduced two new safety features designed to help prevent drivers from inadvertently departing their lane. The new features – Lane Departure Avoidance and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance – leverage Autopilot help drivers stay engaged and in their lane in order to avoid collisions. Lane Departure Avoidance Lane Departure Avoidance lets a driver elect…

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Tesla said Thursday it plans to raise up to $2 billion in fresh capital. The filing comes a week after the carmaker said it lost $700 million in the first quarter, and is now down to about $2 billion in cash. A regulatory filing shows a plan to raise $1.35 billion from convertible notes and…

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Tesla Says a Fix for Insurance is Weeks Away


Tesla is on the verge of launching its own insurance product for Tesla owners that Chief Executive Elon Musk says will be “much more compelling than anything else out there.” A study from 2017 suggested that Tesla owners pay higher than average premiums due to higher-than-average claim rates and repair costs. Tesla challenged the study’s…

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Transformers Movie RA-13 Jetfire (Japan Import)

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